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The Altitude Team

Brad Carter
Brad cut his teeth hunting under the guidance of his father and brother in western Wyoming. A few years after graduating with a Geography degree from Utah State University, he moved to Afton, Wyoming and started the Altitude Outdoors Gear Shop. Brad is a gear junkie and passionate about mountain hunting, especially high country Mule Deer.
Matt Eastman
Senior Staff
It wasn’t planned this way, but Matt Eastman was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His mom and dad joke that Matt couldn’t wait to see the mountains, so instead of being born in his planned city, Matt arrived two weeks early, in the heart of some of the best mule deer country in the West. Through out his childhood, Matt was extremely fortunate that his parents made sure he spent a huge amount of his early childhood in the mountains of Western Wyoming. 35 years later, Matt still lives and plays in these great mountains. Once July rolls around, Matt disappears as much as time allows in the Wyoming High Country looking for the “Grey Ghosts” that call it home. Matt is in his element during this time. Matt’s hunting buddies call him a “Lone Wolf” because of his love for hunting solo in the remote backcountry. Matt loves to hunt anything he can, but a big mature High Country Mule Deer is what keeps him awake at night. As much as he loves hunting the high country, nothing compares to his true love: his family. There’s nothing more important than spending time with wife Stephenie and four children, Kaden, Reese, Sydnie, and Maizee.
Clay Allen
Senior Staff
Clay is a mechanic and certified welder in a power plant. His son has followed the same carrier path and a daughter that just left for college. He is a mule deer fanatic and lives to scout high country bucks with his kids and his Fiancée. Hunting season may be in the back of his mind all year but scouting season is what keeps him on the edge of his seat. His success in the field is proof that preseason scouting is the most valuable tool that you can use to help you “OUT HUNT THE OTHER HUNTERS.”
Randy Johnson
Gear Editor
Randy grew up in a small, rural area, and developed a passionate love for wild places and mountain hunting at an early age. He worked hard to put himself through college and has been a successful collegiate athlete, high school coach, teacher, educational administrator and superintendent in Utah for 40 years. He’s a published author and in his spare time has devoted years of his life to successfully guiding countless hunters in taking trophy rams and other big game animals. His knowledge of the sheep hunting terrain in southern Utah is legendary as well as his passion for chasing giant desert mule deer bucks! He is a hardcore backpack hunter and understands what it means to make difficult personal and family sacrifices to pursue your hunting dreams as he completed his Full Curl™ of North American sheep in 2001. He is “diehard” passionate about hunting and works tirelessly to ensure the success of his clients! Randy has been a great resource to countless hunters and shares our common vision of going the extra mile to help the average man/woman become the very best at mountain hunting. In 2010 Randy was inducted into the inaugural Full Curl Hall of Fame for sheep hunters. He is the Lead Field Editor for iReview Gear and is a Hunting Consultant for Worldwide Trophy Adventures. To learn more about Randy you can check out his personal website at www.highdesertsheepguides.com.
Billy Kennington
Billy is a Western Wyoming native that was born and raised in Star Valley. Being the third generation of an avid hunting and outdoors family, he developed a love, a respect, and a passion for the high country at a very young age. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, he and his family were finally able to move back home to the mountains. He spends as much time as possible in pursuing and perfecting the art of high country hunting. Billy lives for big Mule Deer, but has been known to pursue black bear, antelope, and bugling bull elk with archery equipment. He is an avid long range rifle enthusiast and excels in precision reloading and marksmanship. Billy anxiously looks forward to the day when he can share many high country hunting adventures with his two young boys and instill in them an obsession for the outdoors as he has. Billy is often found on the radio waves as the Hunt the High Country Podcast Co-Host.
Kyle Paxman
Kyle Paxman lives currently lives in American Fork Utah. He has two daughters, Taytum, age 6 and Kylee, 3 months, and one on the way. He and his wife Misty have been married 9 years and share a great love for the outdoors. He loves helping friends and family on their own hunting adventures often sacrificing his own hunting time to help them be successful. Hunting big bucks and bugling bulls are his passion and not a day goes by without planning, discussing, or day dreaming of hunts past, present, and future…….just ask his wife!!
Trent Williams
Like most people, Trent caught the hunting bug thanks to his Dad, Glen, letting him tag along at a young age, even when it wasn’t convenient. The early years of hunting birds and small game has now turned into a full blown addiction towards all things outdoors. His dad will be the first to tell you that Trent has taken it farther than he ever thought possible. Nowadays, one season rolls right into another for Trent. Spring turkey and bear, fishing and scouting in the summer months, big game in the fall, and ice fishing in the winter is now his year is structured. But for Trent, nothing beats the sights, sounds, and challenges of hunting big, bugling, public land bull elk in September. It’s a “dream hunt” that he’s grateful he gets to go on every year!
Justin Finch
Justin grew up hunting mule deer and elk in the high mountain peaks of Central Utah, and surrounding states. Ever since he was young, he’s had the desire to go in deeper and higher to escape hunting pressure, and find big mature bucks. Even before he could drive, his mother would drop him off at the trailhead, and he would call her to come pick him up a few days later after his hunting or scouting trip. His love for the high country still runs deep in his blood today. The majority of his hunting is done with archery equipment, but whether he have my bow, muzzleloader, or rifle in hand, you can be sure to find him in a high country basin nearly everyday during the summer and fall. Capturing the whole hunting experience on camera is something Justin loves to do as well. By putting his memories into video, his wife, and others, are able to get a glimpse of the passion he have for the outdoors. Some of his work has been featured on the Outdoor Channel, Kings Camo, and Under Armour’s social media pages. Between work, family, and school, he have consistently taken mature animals every year, and does so by focusing on his favorite quote which reads, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”. If he needs to be hiking all night, just to hunt that first hour of light before literally running down the mountain to make it to work on time, then so be it. Justin does whatever it takes to make it happen. He is a solo DIY backcountry hunter, and he lives for this.
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