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Tripods are one of the most important tools we carry on our hunts. We use them to stabilize our spotting scopes, binoculars, and cameras. We're all looking for something lightweight, yet stable, that is easy to use for extended periods of time. Many of the heads that come on some of the more popular tripod kits are often a cheap

Hunting and camping is a lot different than just camping for camping's sake. When you throw a hunt in the mix, suddenly  you may find yourself camping somewhere you never would have otherwise. There are a lot of factors to consider when hunting in regards to choosing your camp site. For me, it is worth choosing a marginal camp spot

Trail Cameras can be amazing tools, but using trail cameras effectively for mule deer can be frustrating, they can be effective tools in gaining more insight into the movements and habits of mule deer. I find trail cameras to be beneficial, mostly because they provide more information on what deer are in the area, and the potential for that area during hunting

This is part 1 of a 3 article series on how to find big mule deer bucks in the high country. Hunting Big Mule Deer can be very mentally challenging. While it is very rewarding, it does require patience and some luck! The process is much more easily said than done, but I feel it can be broken down into 3 easy to

We know that water becomes extremely precious when you have to hike to get it, especially if your camped in a high country basin chasing bucks and bulls. I know some hunters will drink straight from the water source, but contaminants (bacteria, protozoa, and cysts like E. coli and Giardia) are actually quite common and I would highly recommend treating