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Choosing from today’s lineup of technical clothing can be overwhelming (and expensive). I grew up hunting in a cotton shirt, a pair of pants, and a jacket if it was cold. I always wore the same boots, same underwear, and the same frameless backpack. It was my hunting clothes; I considered them lucky – although I wore the same thing on both my “lucky” and “unlucky” hunts. I didn’t know the difference between different materials, or the advantages of them.

Wildlife management is one of the more complicated concepts to wrap my head around. I am constantly searching through various sources of information in hopes of better understanding the intricacies so I can feel like more of an educated user of this incredible resource. My desire is to also learn how to contribute more helpful in-field information to local Wyoming Game and Fish personnel when they seek public comment.

Basic Description: New, the 2014 KUIU ULTRALIGHT Pack system is the lightest in the industry! KUIU continues its cutting edge technology in the world of Mountain Hunting. The ULTRA pack system was designed to be extremely simple yet innovative with its modular pack concept that incorporates an advanced Patent Pending Carbon Fiber frame, suspension and bag that focuses on minimizing weight without diminishing performance or functionality. All of the materials in the ULTRA Pack System are the finest in the world and combined make an unprecedented list of “the right stuff.” The brilliant foundation for this pack system is an 11 oz., California-made Carbon Fiber frame that is stronger, lighter, and narrower without compromising the performance or quality of the pack itself.