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Basic Description: KUIU recently added Toray’s new Dermizax®NX membrane to their Award Winning Chugach NX Rain Jacket and Pant. This latest innovation now makes this rain gear TWICE as breathable with 200% all direction stretch. The KUIU Chugach NX jacket and pants represent everything that Mountain Hunter’s dream of in rain gear. Lightweight, packable, breathable, waterproof, extremely durable and now with considerable more stretch. KUIU has worked to combine all the attributes that we demand from quality raingear. This product is incredible.

Have you ever spotted a bull elk and called to him just to see him lift his head up and walk away? It has happened to all of us. I have a theory for why this happens and a tactic that might better the odds of a bull sticking around. It was September 22, 2011 on public land and I was hunting with my good friend and long time hunting buddy Shaun Sturlaugson. We had over-the-counter tags in our pockets and the week had been uneventful as the temperatures were in the 70’s. Shaun and I had been hitting the mountains hard as the days were winding down on our eight day elk hunt. The elk we were pursuing lived close to a main road and were very wise to modern hunting tactics.

Going into the 2013 mule deer hunting season, I had set some personal goals for myself. These goals were important to me and I made it imperative that these goals be met. At the top of the list were two goals: My number one goal was to pay tribute to my late grandmother Lena Bernal and my late grandfather Don Eastman. My idea of honoring them was by killing a big high country mule deer. And by doing this, I would reach my number two goal. My number 2 goal was to redeem myself from the previous season.

The “Buck Haven” during the summer scouting trip What doesn’t kill you will make you want to do it again right? Going into the application period for Nevada in 2005, I envisioned a semi-comfortable horseback hunt deep in the pristine wilderness with one of my good buddies. That vision was snuffed out as the drawing results arrived and he didn’t draw and I did. So much for the ponies I had planned on carrying me and all my stuff.

Equipment Choice: The first core element in becoming a woman archer I am going to discuss is equipment choice. This is a subject that cannot be addressed appropriately in one article. Therefore I am going to break this element into three separate topics. First will be bows, the second will be arrows and broadheads, and this third is, accessories such as sights, rests, releases, etc.. Each of these topics can be discussed in much greater detail than I have gone into, but for the sake of helping the beginning archer I will cover just the basics.

It was nearly 12:00 am as we had just finished topping off the coolers and loading the remainder of our gear. I gave my wife and kid’s a hug goodbye and my brother and I headed for the truck.  As my house became a distant blur in the rear view mirror, we were officially on our way to that long sought after place we like to call hunting camp. Wide awake, full of energy and with only a couple hour drive between us and the great mountains we love to roam, we could not wait to see what this journey had in store for us. After waiting what seemed like a lifetime, my brother had finally regained his Wyoming residency and we were pumped and ready to go.