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Its late august and the hot Texas sun has once again pushed me westward to the Colorado high country in search of my most respected quarry...a mature rocky mountain mule deer. High country archery mule deer hunting has got to have the largest learning curve of any of the deer species. I have personally never hunted such a wary animal. They truly are perfectly suited to their environment making them the most perfect prey animal and offering a very challenging hunt.  In four years I have managed to harvest just one buck in 2007 with a muzzleloader on opening day that scored about 185. Although a good buck, I was disappointed that I hadn’t been able to take him with my bow. This made my archery quest burn that much deeper. I was now fully committed to Archery Mule Deer; none of this lowland stuff.....IT WAS HIGH OR DIE. The next few years brought many more lessons and a lack of success, but were a blast none the less.

You never know unless you try. That’s a motto I have definitely learned to live by. It’s actually how I ended up in my first MMA (mixed martial arts) cage fight a couple years ago. I figured I didn’t know if I enjoyed getting punched in the face unless I actually got punched in the face. The same has gone for my hunting. I started out just going along with people hunting when I was young, doing things like baiting barrels for bears and spotting deer. Then when I became old enough, I started rifle hunting. I enjoyed it, I liked spending time with my family and being outdoors. I had always loved the outdoors, some of my fondest memories were fishing and camping with my family. Then it happened. I was handed a bow and was taught about bow hunting. Suddenly my heart was full, I had found my passion!

I will be the first to admit I was skeptical I would find anything new at our local sportsman show this year that I didn’t have, or really needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I would like to share with all of you an amazing product I found made by a company called Intovate.com. They make a product called the Ultra Slim 5000 mAh Power Bank and it’s a rechargeable battery pack that will recharge your smart phone, iPad, iPod, digital camera or any other device you can recharge with a USB or Micro USB port. They say you can get up to three charges to your phone off of one single charge to the Power Bank.

It was not long ago that a woman could walk into a sporting goods store and be unable to find a single item specifically designed for women hunters.  Women have hunted for years, but until recently there were not enough women to warrant creating women specific hunting gear.  Fast forward to today and woman are now the fastest growing demographic of all hunters.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 11 percent of the nation’s 13.7 million hunters are women.  Women hunters have astoundingly grown approximately 25 percent just since 2006.

outdoorsman2The Facts: The Outdoorsmans, one of the premier optics and Western gear manufacturers in the west has once again came up with a very innovative idea, a quality tripod bag designed primarily to protect your expensive tripod and backpack pockets from the abusive wear and tear that hard core Mountain Hunters dish out. This functional, important piece of gear should become a mainstay for active backpack hunters everywhere.

Snow up to my waist, freezing temperatures, a frost bit nose, and a grin from ear to ear. That was me for three weeks straight, after being invited to come film a mountain lion hunt for my good friend Brad with our friend and outfitter Dirk Jenkins with Great Plains Outfitters. I had called Dirk a few days before Brad’s hunt was to start and begged for him to come let me ride along and get a feel for everything before I started filming. Little did I know, his yes was going to change my life. I immediately started packing everything but the kitchen sink for the trip and after filling the entire back seat of my truck up with gear, I was headed over to the other side of the mountain to Ten Sleep, Wyoming. A town that will always be ranked up in there in my book.

I love and hate the end of January; OK, hate may be a strong word: I dislike. The reason for that is I turn another year older, which after you reach twenty five is a little annoying that they go by so fast. I love this time of year because every year the end of January is our local sportsman show here, and I take myself to it as a birthday gift each year. Most years it is just to look around for new products that have come out, or to check on previous ones on my wish list. Not until this year have I found products that I had never seen or heard of before and I was blown away by them. This is one of those products!