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Winning the Extreme Huntress contest was one of my most amazing experiences.  The grand prize was a hunt to British Columbia for Mountain Goat and Elk to be filmed on Eye Of The Hunter TV.  I had never been to BC before so I was anxiously counting the days from the moment I won.  I began preparing myself physically from the moment I learned I won so I would be ready for the rugged terrain of mountain goat country. Mountain goats typically live high in the ledges to protect themselves from predators.  I had to pinch myself when the time finally arrived to leave on the hunt.

It was just a few moments away from darkness and I had been stalking a high country mulie for almost two hours.   I couldn’t let this opportunity get away.  I knew I had to act quickly or my chance would be gone forever.   I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t even take the time to absorb how beautiful this old buck was.   I knew he was a four point.  I knew he had great brow tines.  I knew he was in velvet.  But what I didn’t know, was the caliber of deer I was standing 40 yards from.

Have you ever noticed that we, as men who consider ourselves to be Mountain Hunters, may at times have the misconception that the hunting world revolves around our “Alpha Male” egos? This of course isn’t always the case but the casual observer may interpret our actions much differently. Such observations can be linked directly to culture, the perceptions and traditional expectations of the male and female roles/behavior that were founded and entrenched in centuries long ago, now but whispers of time that have slipped behind us as grains of sand through our hands.

We've all had those tweaks and niggles or maybe even a full blown injury. At the end of last season I started to have some twinges of pain in my foot and knee and my overall running seemed to plateau. So I consulted a running specific physical therapist to help out. I didn't necessarily think I had a major injury, but I wanted to prevent one from happening. I want my body to be able to handle the high mileage and not crumble 5 years from now. And I also wanted to do something to take my running to the next level, to be able to run stronger.

“There He is, you ready to shoot?” Travis asked. “Yes,” I responded as I leveled off the crosshairs of my .300 Weatherby Mag just under the top of the big bucks’ shoulder. The rifle cracked and he jumped hard, bounding fast into the trees in front of him. “ You missed! Why did you rush the shot?!” Travis responded to the failed shot. “I didn’t, I was leveled off and steady on the top of his shoulder.” I responded.

GETTING STARTED- How to start a strength and endurance program. So you are planning a long hike, mountain hunt, or endurance event…but where do you begin in order to tackle that goal? There are 3 important aspects when trying to pursue any sort of fitness goals: Nutrition, Cardiovascular fitness, and Strength.  For me, as well as many others, nutrition can be the

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