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Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to stay fit. It can vary from wanting to lose weight, to toning muscles, to just being healthy. For me it is a two-fold reason. The first is simple...to hunt. I hunt year round and I know from personal experience that the hunt is much more enjoyable when I am in shape versus lagging behind and unable to catch my breath. Nearly all of my hunts entail hiking, backpacking, and some sort of physical activity that requires me to be physically fit. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate multiple forms of exercises to prepare for the hunt. My second reason for exercising, is because I just want to feel good. This is a pure reward for the hard work. Exercising releases endorphins that provide a healthy and natural way to just be happy, reduce stress, and enjoy life.

Although it has been three years since this hunt has taken place, I remember it as if it were just yesterday. I am sitting here now, admiring the beautiful mount of this gorgeous buck and reflecting back to the awesome journey that I was so fortunate to be a part of that rainy October day. A hunt filled with numerous ups and downs and twists and turns, yet by some last minute miracle turned out to be one of my greatest adventures to date, an unbelievable adventure that undoubtedly won't soon be forgotten.

I bought my first pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extremes in 2009 about three weeks before the kickoff of scouting season.   The first time I put the boots on I knew they were in a class of their own.  Only wearing them a couple times before a nine day scouting trip left me with little worry as they were as solid and comfortable of a boot as I have ever worn.  The first day of the 9 day trip I walked about 6 miles with a 3000’ elevation climb.  When I made camp that night I had a hot spot on the bottom of each foot but no blister and the next morning my feet were as good as new.  By the end of the 09 trip I was sold on Kenetrek Mountain Extremes.  I have been used to buying a pair of boots every year as well and much to my surprise I seen a little bit of wear but the boots remained water proof and the tread held up great as well.