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by Randy Johnson


“Why do certain groups and individuals in today’s social circles view Mountain Hunters and our efforts to pass on the tradition of hunting that was given to us from our ancestors as nothing but blood thirsty killers”? Why do they seek to deny the Mountain Hunter his/her liberty and freedom to legally pursue wild game, to challenge our spirit and fortitude against nature and the instincts of untamed big game animals? Why do they threaten, attack and harass some of our more successful mountain hunters who are in the public spotlight with vile, filthy emails and messages? What gives them the right to attack hunting and threaten our families with inconceivable, warped, and filthy bodily harm when we are only pursuing a very legal and proven means of wildlife conservation?


The name Kofa NWR brings thoughts of yellow, curly horned glory to most southwest hunters’ minds. For nearly a century, hunters from all parts of this country and abroad would travel to this unforgiving region of Arizona to hunt the desert bighorn sheep that made this place so famous. Some of those hunters also discovered something else...and they kept it a secret for years.