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  I gasped as the cold water splashed over my head and back. Momentarily I lost my breath as goose-bumps covered my skin. Bathing in this freezing cold mountain water was not fun at all, but it had to be done. Not wanting to think about how cold it was, I took a deep breath and quickly ducked the rest of my body under the water.  I washed as fast as I could but the icy sting from the small mountain stream was giving me a headache! Finally I jumped out of the water to dry off. Thank-goodness my daily high-mountain bath was over. Now I could get back to the very reason I was dipping myself into this freezing water in the first place: to bow-hunt high-mountain mule deer.

Hello everyone! I’ve been guiding desert sheep hunters for more years than any man or woman with all their mental facilities should admit but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade all the sweat, time, sacrifice, blood and tears for anything! I know that many of you “sheep hunting nuts” feel the very same way. In other words, we are obsessed, lifelong “Ovis canadenis” fanatics” who live for that adrenalin rush that surges through our veins when we spot a trophy ram! I know that when I personally receive a phone call from a man or woman who just drew their long awaited sheep tag I can hear the excitement in their voice and feel the raw emotion and anticipation they are trembling with that suddenly I’m bouncing around like a young kid on Christmas morning!