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Basic Description:A 3+ season bag that is lightweight and utilizes Montbell’s patended Super Spiral Stretch System. This is the big reason why I liked this bag so much! The bag stretches with you and forms around your body better than any other bag I have tested. If you are someone who gets claustrophobic from traditional mummy bags than this bag is for you! It repels water just as well as any other bag I have tested, so in my case using it underneath the Kifaru Supertarp, I will have no issues with drips of water or anything getting my down wet.

Sweat dripped from my brow, stinging my eyes, as I followed my guide, Randy Johnson, upward through a series of steep sandstone ledges. For the past six days the oppressive desert heat and rugged terrain had kicked our butts and taken a toll on leg muscles that strained to push us onward.  I have been on some tough hunts in my life but this one was shaping up to be one of the roughest I have ever encountered. Stopping briefly for a quick breather, Randy whispered to stay quiet and nodded that the area we were approaching was a prime location for sheep to bed down in, protected from the blistering heat of the blazing afternoon sun.

I have to admit, I really don’t enjoy pumping water in the backcountry.  You wouldn’t know it by the amount of different water filters I own; in fact you would probably think the opposite after seeing my inventory.  I actually don’t know when I began to feel this way.  It just seems anymore, the thought of sitting next to a water source and physically pumping water into all my containers is a chore I despise.  So much so, I began to skimp on my water intake just so I didn’t have to pump more water.  For those of you that backpack, not drinking enough filtered water is never a good thing in the wilderness and drinking untreated water was not an option.  I tried purifying pills and drops but I could not get used to the after taste.  Since I couldn’t find a volunteer to trek up the mountain with me and be my full time “water boy” while I was out hunting, I knew I needed to figure out an easier way to keep an ample supply water in my camp without having the fear of running out.

The recoil from my 7mm sent a jolt through my body and my head bounced up just in time to see the flames fly from my barrel. Despite being precariously positioned high on a cliff-face, I frantically worked the action of my gun, loading another round into the chamber. In the dimming evening light, I squinted through my rifle scope and continued searching through the boulders that scattered the river-bottom below me, hoping to see the huge black bear once again. As the shadows faded into the blackness, I could only hope that my first shot had hit home.