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Author: davidlong

49″ Wide WY Buck

Dec, 30 || 5 Comments |
They just don't come much more impressive than this buck harvested by Rolly Anderson of Tetonia, Idaho. Rolly was being guided by Bill Beard in Wyoming when he harvested the buck on September 20, 1969. The rack has 15 points on the right and 13 on the left. The typical frame nets at 183 4/8 and has 90 3/8" of non-typical points for a total score of 273 7/8. With double drops and an outside spread of 49" wide, the buck is truly in more.

2009 Henry Mountains Monster

Dec, 21 || 3 Comments |
Here is a monster taken by Lorenzo Sartini in 2009 in the Henry Mountains of Utah. The buck is a 12 x 8 and gross scores 244 4/8 and nets 238 1/8 B&C. The antlers have an outside spread of 37" wide. Dream buck for sure! more.

Remembering a Couple of Big Buck Hunters

Dec, 08 || 3 Comments |
After reading Randy’s post about dusting off old photos, I decided to take a box of my own out of storage and began sifting through them late last night. Next thing I knew, several hours had passed and I had a smile on my face the entire time. Every picture brought back vivid memories as if it had only happened yesterday. Again this morning, I sat down with my wife Cheryl and as we went through the pictures and I was giving her more.

Robert J. Stallone – Wyoming 246 5/8 B&C

Dec, 05 || 1 Comment |
Outfitter Reed Clark guided Dr. Robert J. Stallone to this absolutely beautiful double drop muley in Lincoln, County Wyoming during the 1986 season. It has a 191 7/8 typical frame and net scores 246 5/8 B&C non-typical.   It happened on the third morning of the hunt. The wind was howling and it had just started to snow. Reed and Robert saddled up and rode for about two and a half hours in the dark to get to where more.

The Buck Hunter Blog

Dec, 03 || No Comments |
If you love mule will love The Buck Hunter Blog. We will use this blog to post up old mule deer pics, new mule deer pics, stories, tips n tactics, and everything else that has anything to do with this fabulous creature. Several staff members will be contributing to this blog on a regular basis. If you have a story or pic you would like to have appear on The Buck Hunter Blog, send us an email at more.

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